Without music life would be a mistake

Born in Ukraine, grew up in South Africa and is now currently residing in Melbourne Australia Dj Mak has been around the world and has experienced many different scenes and cultures. Dj Mak has witnessed first hand the power of music no matter where you come from or what language you speak music will break down every barrier and unite us together as human beings!

From an early age Dj Mak has always had a fascination with electronic music but it wasn't until 2017 whilst in Amsterdam that he discovered psytrance in an outdoor setting. It was then that he had a revelation and knew that this was the path he had been searching for. Since that day Dj Mak has been collecting and mixing psytrance music.

Dj Mak's style is a blend of progressive and full on rolling and off-beat basslines with hypnotic psychedelic melodies and vast atmospheric soundscapes ranging from 135-150bpm