“Purveyor of solid, uplifting trance, hard trance and hardstyle. A rare breed of DJ who perfected her craft on turntables."

It was humble beginnings as a commercial DJ in 1995 where Miss Mel played the suburban club scene. Moving up to the city a few years later, Miss Mel worked hard to score some top guest spots and residencies such as Bubble, Dome, Chasers, Samsara, Evolution, Hard Kandy, Viper, Sinergy and Altitude just to name a few. She was also part of the 5am crew which was one of Melbourne’s best trance nights which saw her play alongside Marc Dawn (Green Court). Miss Mel represented 5am at Altitude in Sydney which helped her make her mark in the Sydney trance scene.

Miss Mel’s longest residencies were Altitude in Melbourne and Viper Room. Every Saturday night she played uplifting trance at Altitude to a packed-out club. An unforgettable highlight was playing alongside John Askew. Miss Mel mixed the Altitude Volume 1 compilation which fast became legendary in the trance scene. Her careful selection of tunes ensured it stood the test of time and remained true to Altitude’s legacy.

Miss Mel was also a resident at Temple at Viper on Friday’s and most Saturday’s. Viper was renowned for its dedicated crowd who were passionate about the music. Miss Mel’s brand of trance was a favourite with the crowd which saw her earn some very loyal followers.

Another notable highlight of her career was playing a vs set with James Lawson at Room 680 on NYD night circa 2003. James was very impressed with her mixing skills and music selection. Miss Mel has also supported K90, Sample Gee, Jan Johnson and more recently, Amber Savage, Scott Project, HP Source, Renegade System and Maria Healy.

Miss Mel's style of mixing is best described as "Relentless", hence the name of her radio show on LESH FM. Miss Mel likes to keep the energy flowing and mix in before the master track starts to break down towards the end. This style of mixing ensures the energy remains high throughout the entire mix and the listeners are taken on a journey of high intensity from start to finish.

Miss Mel is renowned for her tight mixing skills and ability to take the crowd on a wonderful journey as she mixes up her set with various highs and lows. Miss Mel took a few years away from the scene to start a family and having recently returned, her previous experience coupled with a fresh new outlook is seeing her rock dance floors everywhere. Now a resident at TR!P, which has a vinyl-only policy and is fast becoming the best classic hard trance night in Melbourne, Miss Mel is making her mark on Melbourne once again.

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