Melbourne’s favourite daughter, Courtney Mills, is no stranger to the music industry. Having rubbed shoulders with the who’s-who of the Australian Dance Music scene, our own glamour girl has certainly impressed all who have come across her.  Building a repertoire of Main Room/Electro and Melbourne tunes, armed with her chic-attitude this dazzling energetic live performer leaves dance floors all around the country in awe.
Earning highly esteemed residences at prestigious institutions such as Secret Garden, The Saint, Motel, Hotel Barkly and Cushion, Courtney Mills has created an extremely loyal following wherever she goes. Listing working alongside production powerhouse Chardy & supporting the likes of Potbellez, The Stafford Brothers, John Course and Grant Smillie, performing at Stereosonic and Future Music Festival as her prized achievements, Courtney has definitely set her sights for the future high! There is no doubt you will see more of the amazing Ms Mills sooner rather than later.