Dan Casa

Dan has been performing around Melbourne since 2009.

His passion to create the perfect vibe for any music hungry crowd is complimented by his ability to mix seamlessly and take control of the dance floor leaving the crowd wanting more.
His sets range from Gospel & Soulful House | Jackin | Tech | Disco Funk | Electronic & everything in between

Dan has played at venues and events such as GH Hotel, DnM Bar, So Juicy, Day Spa & has been part of the DJ team for Rock City and many more.

Dan’s passion for Dj’ing all began the first time he stepped foot into the Market Hotel in Prahran where he would be captivated by the way the DJ’s would control the crowd and dance floor vibe with their amazing house music and mixing skills.
This sparked something that would become an obsession.
Teaching him self to DJ night after night would also lead to a diverse taste in house music that make each of his DJ set’s unique crowd pleasers.



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