Digital Shaman

Born in Melbourne, Australia on the full moon of August 1978, Shane (Shaggy) Harrod having long enjoyed various forms of electronic music throughout the early 90’s like Techno, HardNRG, Acid Trance, Liquid, GOA and so on, simultaneously discovered Psychedelic Trance and the festival rave scene at Earthcore 1998 and instantly fell in love.

After a 20 year romance of doofin', groovin', rockin' and bangin' to some of the most inspirational and life changing music, that deep love grew and evolved until a final “AWAKENING” began to reveal old dreams as possible realities and consequently Digital Shaman was holistically conceived.


Now, passionately committed to crafting a diverse range of euphonious compositions designed to invoke transformative experiences unique to each individual listener using positive resonate frequencies, Shane plays under 3 separate labels (SHAGGY, Digital Shaman & Plain Shane) covering a broad spectrum of electronic music from many talented artists including self produced material.

Shaggy is the fun label with banging bass lines, bouncy melodies and the occasional cheesy lyric from *Progressive PsyTrance* *Full-On* *High Tek* *Glitch-Hop* & Other EDM...

While the more serious Digital Shaman label is primarily focused on establishing a deeper connection with the music drawing from *Progressive PsyTrance* *Full-On* *DarkPsy* *Forst* *PsyBass* *PsyChill*Ambient Dub*& Other PSY...

Finally Plain Shane is the minimalist label dedicated to darker tones that sooth the beast within selected from *Techno* *Drum & Bass* *Deep House* *Dark Synthwave* & Other Electronica…

Shaggy is also one half of Kool KatZ, a collaborative act with RoJo.

Previous performances include...

Digital Shaman Vs. RoJo (Full-On/PROG Hybrid) @ Galactivation (2020)

Digital Shaman (Squelchy Vol.1) @ Back to the PINE (2019)

Digital Shaman (Impromptu Set) @ One Last Dance (2019)

Zateshka Vs Shaggy (Vs Mashup) @ InbEetween Realms (2019)

Kool KatZ (Cheezy Set Vol.2) @ Sunday PSY School (2019)

Kool KatZ (Cheezy Set Vol.1) @ Zenith Gathering (2019)

Shaggy (Dark & Dirty Prog Set) @ Fook Yeah! 2.0

Hope you enjoy.
With love Shaggy.