JaistaOne is an upcoming emcee from the South East of Melbourne currently working on his debut album “Lyrical genius”.

He started freestyle rapping at 13 years old, he would freestyle about anything, growing up in mornington, roaming the streets, growing up without a father and so much more!! He can freestyle over any hiphop genre instrumental he’s given!!

But at age 15 is where he first started writing his raps and not too long after that, he had developed his dope crazy underground flow also being influenced from rappers all over the country and bringing it all together to make the most beat story-telling and realest music he can make, he writes his music based on his life and what he has been through such as, growing with without a mother or a father, having to hustle drugs to get food, having a son at a early age and much more!.

At age 18 he played he’s first ever gig in Frankston at “young street supper club” with all the southeast and EG boys including RELYK, KREZ, MASON, RAAZ and more but at the moment JaistaOne is currently working on his debut album witch will be released on the “01/07/2020” on all music platforms!! He will be doing he’s very own album launch at the laundry bar in September this year for his album “lyrical genius”..