Born in Melbourne, Australia on the full moon of August 1978, Shane (Shaggy) Harrod having long enjoyed various forms of electronic music throughout the early 90’s like Techno, HardNRG, Acid Trance, Liquid, GOA and so on, simultaneously discovered Psychedelic Trance and the festival rave scene at Earthcore 1998 and instantly fell in love.

After a 20 year romance of doofin', groovin', rockin' and bangin' to some of the most inspirational and life changing music, that deep love grew and evolved until a final “AWAKENING” began to reveal old dreams as possible realities and consequently Digital Shaman was holistically conceived. Read More


 Savigizm  - otherwise known as Michael Savage, is an emerging producer that was born and raised in the town of Healesville outside of Melbourne. 

This strong influence is where Michael was able to develop an innate passion for the bush and the electrifying, unifying atmospheres that people were creating within the depths of the trees.

He’s been involved with the psychedelic community for the last 5 years, which is where he began his journey of mixing that has slowly eventuated into producing. He enjoys chunky progressive soundscapes with a lot of attitude, to ferocious and powerful full-on. Read More



Melbourne born and bred Miss Jade is a full-time DJ weapon + all-around legend that's been slaying dancefloors across Oz with her effortless blend of grooving psytrance. When she's not sending people into frenzied trance utopian mindstates Jade likes to work out, play footy, and drink endless amounts of booze


TWitch is a captivating progressive PsyTrance DJ with a pure love for the music, dancing and losing herself in the flow of trance. Her carefully curated soulful sets have a warm and uplifting energy, she becomes one with the vibrations as she mixes and moves with heartfelt intention.

Her passionate and full power energy comes through and affects others to move and feel. Heavily influenced by her own mysticism, she gravitates to natural noises mixed with spacey frequencies and swampy throbbing bass. You can expect to hear her play progressive psy bangers, bush prog to dark prog and always with divine feminine energy. Twitch likes to take you on an electric journey from light to dark, allowing the duality of this existence to be explored playfully.



Relatively fresh to the DJ scene Rohin/RoJo/MoJo has been on the punters end for years and has at last got the chance to send it from the stage. Also aspiring to become a sound tech, he intends to shake the ground for many years to come!


'shinigami' is the progressive psy-trance project of Avi Ben-Moyal that has evolved into a unique sound of dark prog, full-on and bush prog elements all combined into one funky thought-provoking sound with groovy rolling bass-lines and powerful impacts.

As a DJ, shinigami aims to be able to play a multitude of genres including but not limited to (mainly) progressive trance and bush prog but also delving into full-on psy-trance and a touch of hi-tech. Having started DJing at age 16, and having started off playing dark techno, deep house and tech-house at various house parties and underground parties, as well as one or two club gigs on Melbourne’s infamous King Street. A Shinigami set aims to bring some of the craziest sounds you’ve ever heard, pushing the boundaries and give you one euphoric experience you will never forget.



‘Fowlowl’ began as a Progressive Bush-Psy project that over time progressed into a melting pot of all Psy-Trance subgenres, recently morphing into a particular style of Full-On Psy-Trance. 

Simon initiated his journey for music in late 2015, forming a passion for freestyle-rap and DJing old school Hip-Hop classics alongside some Melbourne Bounce, Minimal and Progressive Psy-Trance. Whilst developing his freestyle and DJing abilities, he decided to take things to the next level by creating his own music. He purchased Ableton and quickly made a name for himself in the rap scene as ‘Chamarankz’. This is where his journey of music production began.


Sectum Sempra is a multi genre electronic music project from Melbourne.

Discovering warehouse rave and squat parties in 2015 quickly opened a love of hard techno/schranz. This was quickly followed by discovering bush doofs in 2016 and was drawn to the passion and intensity of forest and dark psytrance.

Sectum Sempra focuses on the forest, dark and experimental side of psytrance. She aims to create a playful and dark bouncy atmosphere before plunging into mind drilling pounding basslines



Beginning in mid 2017, Moonshadow is the psytrance project of Alex Jenkins. Alex became obsessed with psytrance when he first attended one of his friends house parties where he saw some of melbournes own local psy dj’s and became immediately hooked. Alex went on to purchase his first dj controller and was enrolled in to SAE later that year to study music production.
Music as a whole has been Alex’s creative passion since a very young age where he has played a selection of instruments from clarinet, saxophone, guitar to percussion.
Playing an array on full power styles from fullon, twilight, dark psy and Forrest, Alex strides to bring his audience a high energy groove along with hard hitting, floor stomping drops.


Conceived on the manic dancefloor of a darkpsy bush doof, the Necro Shaman takes all within earshot on a warped psychedelic journey, delving deep into the depths of darkness, then rising high up into the wild rainbow lights of the stratosphere.

Inspired by various European and Latin American artists, Necro Shaman adds a quintessential dirty Australian bush vibe to the fast, pounding rhythms, melding the lines between darkpsy, Hitech and Psycore.



Osciloptix is the last member of an ancient civilisation of insectoids, known as the Oscilopsians, which inhabited the earth 400 million years ago during the Devonian period.

These crepuscular, insect-like creatures, staged planet-wide synchronised symphonies, at dusk and dawn, that would turn any stagnant body of water into a temporary cymatic masterpiece.

Facing extinction due to the evolution of amphibians at the beginning of the Carboniferous era, in an attempt to migrate to a different timeline, the Oscilopsians built a time portal deep beneath the planet's surface, in the great caverns and harnessed the earth's abundant geo thermal energy to power it.


Spawned in 2016, GROTT is the project of Melbourne based DJ Tom Greatorex.

Having spent the 2 years prior playing progressive/full on psytrance at numerous parties across Melbourne and the Victorian bush under the name "Tomzy Turvy", Tom began to yearn for something more serious and in-line with his heavy metal roots and started zeroing in on a style of music that truly resonated with him on a fundamentally deeper level. He found what he was looking for in dark prog, and his discovery ignited a deep, ever-burning passion to share what he had found with like minded freaks and fiends through the biggest sound systems he could get behind. It was at this time that "Tomzy Turvy" was retired, and "GROTT" was born.



After making his debut in 2013, James Faulkner aka Positive Pete has already made a name for himself within the Melbourne Psytrance community. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, James has always had a love for music and the power it has on the mind, body & soul.

Having supported numerous well known international DJs and major personal influences such as Major7, X-NoiZe, Rinkadink, Morten Granau, Capital Monkey, BLiSS, Blastoyz, Freedom Fighters, A-Team, Berg, Ace Ventura, Fabio & Moon, Jacob, Unseen Dimensions, Audiomatic, Alex Stein & many more, he is fast becoming one of the most well recognised DJ’s in the Psytrance scene.


Phenomenal is incredibly excited and passionate to create an experience, one what takes people through a musical journey into other dimensions, one that will bring people more connected to themselves and the universe.
Phenomenal was first introduced to progressive trance (prog) at the age of 16 and immediately fell in love with the music. After going to underground warehouse parties in Melbourne very regulary. Phenomenal experienced his first party in the bush (Rainbow Serpent 2016) which expanded his taste in music to Progressive Psy.
Phenomenal decided to start DJing in February 2016. He played his first few gigs a few months later in May. Whilst exploring music as a DJ, he fell in love with Full-On Psy-trance. Phenomenal would spend hours and hours at home in his room listening to it exploring all different sides of the spectrum. Excited to see what was coming next within this journey.



I WRITE ALL THE PSYYYY! from full on to hi tech! this year I am challenging myself and writing everything. Mostly sub genres of Psytrance. Change is so amazing and I am evolving my style finally!


The masterfully, creative mind behind Poncho Poncho is Chris. Serving up satisfying, tasty tunes, the crowd is always at the forefront of his mind, as he stealthy builds the hypnotic vibe of his set towards a slamming crescendo that leaves the dance-floor stomping and wanting more. Versatile and able to play a variety of genres, Chris's heart lies with daytime/high energy full-on which builds toward an epic finish. Chris's life completely changed direction after coming across the vibrant Melbourne Psytrance scene in 2013, and he has been a constant presence either on the dance-floor or behind the decks ever since. He has performed for several crews across Melbourne and country Victoria, supporting both local and international talent.



Growing up with headphones permanently either on his head or in his ears, Nic Bishop has always had a tremendous passion for music. After attending his first Psytrance Festival at Earthcore in 2010. He developed a love for the heavy, body heaving drops and crazy sounds that had this incredible way of inducing trance like states. Even powerful imagery and emotion, without the need for psychedelics. it was the psychedelic! He wanted to make people feel that feeling, introduce them to something they hadn’t experienced before. He instantly knew what he wanted to do with his life. Make music!


35 year old Daniel Moroney; aka DTMX, was born in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne. Daniel started DJing under the name DTMX at the age of 17. Only knowing the Melbourne hard trance scene Daniel was soon to discover a sound that would lead him onto his true path and spin his DJ career of in a whole other direction.

At the age of 22 Daniel found his home in the Melbourne Psychedelic Trance scene when his senses were completely over ran by progressive psychedelic sounds that he had never heard of. With hard driving synths, whomping bass kicks, rolling basslines from Aussie DJs like Punkz on Junk, Ben Evans, Ozzy and Pakman just to name a few. DTMX was completely convinced that Full On progressive psytrance is what he wanted to produce and DJ



Myrrhtagh is a psychedelic-trance producer and DJ from Melbourne, Australia. Lose yourself in deep, rolling rhythms and complex melodic layers. Good vibes on the edge of dark mystery. With unique, never-before-heard sounds that will leave you bopping away, allow his sound to guide your next psychedelic experience. After diving deep into spirituality and finding the psytrance-tribe, he decided to take his passion for music and dive head-first into discovering how to create this HUGE sound that was Psychedelic-trance. With a background in guitar and synth, really mainstream metalcore and local Melbourne Hardcore bands; the only rational choice was to incorporate as many influences as possible into his newfound passion. The result of 2 short years producing psytrance is that Joey has performed his music alongside some of the biggest names in the underground Australian psy-scene: StomPsy, Labsynth, Makatak, Savagizm, Frump, SuperSmashedBros, Eleven, Poncho Poncho, Osciloptix, Positive Pete, Mattiecee, Diffraction, Invers, Dirge, Ru-Bix, Nemophilist, Alien-Frequencies, E-Klipse and many more.


Lunar (Ebony Keegan) is a Melbourne based DJ and aspiring producer. Her musical journey began at the age of 7 where she began playing the piano, dabbled with guitar and followed not long after with composing her own music. Ebony found the psy trance scene only 6 years ago and it was then that she discovered how she wanted to share her passion for music through DJ’ing , music production and live performance.

In an extremely short period Ebony has established herself an edition to the psychedelic scene on both dusty and concrete dance floors, playing alongside both international and local Aussie artist's. Gracing the stages of Australia's finest festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Esoteric, Dragon Dreaming, Earth Frequency, Elements, Fireworld, Wild Horses, AI and many more.



" Perfect Motion ∞ " is the project of Mario Matteo & his journey through The Universe of Progressive Trance. The meaning behind the name Perfect Motion ∞ is; To live your life as a frequency of the heart, an infinite luminous force of positive flowing energy!! - Love!! ♥

Perfect Motion ∞ is no stranger to the Australian Trance & Psy-Trance scene. He first arrived in the Doof scene back in 1998 & has organised numerous parties since 2010. Starting his Dj Career back 2013, having 5 years experience collaborating with many of Melbourne's finest artists & Productions. Even had the honor of playing Vs set with his close friend Morten Granau at the end of 2017 at Brown Alley.


SCVTRX is an Australian Trap, Bass, Rap Inspired Producer. SCVTRX is composed of A One Man Show Founded by Patric Wardlaw EST Back in 2015 and has released 1 Full Lengths EP SCVTRX UNLEASHED in FEBRUARY This year, Also The Release of SCVTRX- Ri0 Single at the End of last year. My goal as an artist is to give the best possible experience and a one of a kind show! Heaps of new Music coming I feel my time is now.



Makatak dicovered Psychedelic Trance is 2013, and began DJing in 2015. In 2016, he began producing Psytrance. His style is best described as Dark Melodic Full-On Psychedelic, and typically ranges in the 145-150bpm range, although it is not unusual for him to play far outside of those tempo's. Makatak aims to bring the forces of lightness and dark together, inside and outside of our temporal realms.


Kate "Looney tunes" Rickard born in May of 97 grew up playing various different classical instruments as her introduction into music,  piano as a forté along with French horn and the flute.

As Looney progressesed into her teenage years these instruments progrssed into self taught drums and saxophone. Newly after turning 18, she was introduced to the psytrance scene and soon developed a love of dark manipulative sounds as well as liquid bass progressive,
over the last few years she has slowly started crafting a comical label showcasing mixtures of memorable classic's, cartoon remixes then beyond delving into mind
questioning journeys before you know it.



ERROR.EXE is a Melbourne bassed dj project by Kelly Barnes Exploring the hyperactive high energy sounds of High Technology. From cosmic melodys to brutal basslines blasting all the way from 180 to 250+ bpm Delve into the sounds of technology and plesant insanity Member of the music collective 'OBS.UNG' - OBSESSION UNGOVERNED