Rayman is notorious within Australia’s burgeoning underground doof scene. A psychedelic trance DJ known for his full-on style and high energy performances. A mastery of working crowds into a collective stomping frenzy has seen Rayman deliver memorable sets at some of Australia’s biggest indoor and outdoor parties including, Spring Equinox, Indigo Evolution and Earthcore. He's gaining international recognition too, invited to play in Europe at a festival promoted by Dacru Records, a well-established label within the scene. He’s often shared the stage alongside some of the biggest names in the business including Space Tribe, Tropical Bleyage, Morten Granau, Illichina, G.M.S and Major7 to name a few. The founder and inspirational leader of Contact High events, Rayman has relentlessly pushed the boundaries of indoor psy trance events all across his native Melbourne, from décor and production through to his unique sound and ability behind the decks. Breaking the psytrance DJ mold, Rayman is well on his way to becoming a trance institution within his own right.


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